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Pick a cover image

Yashu Mittal


So, you've decided to write a book or story. That's great. Have you decided on the cover image, yet? You're just going to leave readers wondering just by showing them the title. THAT'S NOT GOOD. Making eye-catching cover images can be difficult to make. However, there are many tool and services available for free on internet which can come to your rescue. 1. Canva 2. Figma All you need is a clear picture of what you want to show in your cover image. Get a picture from the internet, the best place is to use Unsplash. Make sure your cover is the right size and is portrait. Add font that is easy to read. Don't use 10 different fonts just to make it fancy, trust me, it will just look messed up. Don't rush with creating a cover image, that will leave a bad taste for readers, try different variations, ask for feedback from the community and choose one of your best art of work.